Big Head Curved Black Silicone Anal Massage Plug

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A new design anal massage plug that’s ready to give some satisfying massage to you and your partner. And not just that, you can also choose from 3 different plug sizes to ensure that it fits and slides well without causing pain and discomfort. This Big Head Curved Black Silicone Anal Massage Plug is made from high-quality black medical silicone which gives safe and satisfying massage around the anal/vaginal area!

  • Item Type: Anal Sex Toys
  • Small Plug: 7.6 cm x 2.5 cm (2.99 inches x 0.98 inches)
  • Medium Plug: 9.3 cm x 3 cm (3.66 inches x 1.18 inches)
  • Large Plug: 14.5 cm x 3.5 cm (5.70 inches x 1.37 inches)
  • Material: Medical Silicone
  • Uses: Anal sex, Vaginal Sex, DP Etc.
  • Suitable For: Men, Women, LGBT, Etc
  • Color: Black
  • Package: Discreetly packaged to protect customer’s privacy upon delivery

Enjoy better sex with your partner or even by yourself  with its perfectly shaped body that touches every sensitive spot resulting in better stimulation and more satisfying orgasms. GRAB YOUR PREFERRED SIZE OF THIS PLUG TODAY AND ENJOY UP TO 45% OFF FROM ITS ORIGINAL PRICE!

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