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HunkMoney Gives BoyMegaPlex.com a Radical Facelift and Relaunches GayVideosPlus.com

HunkMoney Gives BoyMegaPlex.com a Radical Facelift and Relaunches GayVideosPlus.com

In celebration of HunkMoney's relaunches, they are bringing back their biggest promo ever...


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Emerging mobile trends: The mobile Web and networking

Many of the predictions about the future integration of mobile devices and the Internet are premised on a single view, namely that the mobile web is becoming a more accessible reality and more effective than in the past. [more…]
And in other news
imageIf you are looking for new ways to drive traffic to your Web site – and keep it – WIDGETS might be the way! Read More

Content Delivery NetworkWhat the heck is a Content Delivery Network?!? CDNs are one of the industry’s latest buzz words. Read More

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RSS Feeds - A Beginners Guide

RSSOne of the first things you will notice if you are starting out in the adult online industry is that you have a constant and always expanding need for fresh content on your websites.

One way you can maximize your content is by syndicating some of it to your other sites.


Understanding How to Market Adult Entertainment Abroad

Marketing adult entertainment to diverse international audiences demands conscious awareness of particular preferences, based on cultural trends and traits.

Even though we live in a world where the barriers between culture and nationalities are breaking down, socials norms and cultural perceptions still present important indicators for the marketer to differentiate marketing strategies; these variances have to be understood if one is to successfully market adult entertainment to these areas...


The new wave in mobile advertising

Mobile"Today, consumers visit billions of mobile web pages every month in the US and throughout the world. This opened up an opportunity for a new phase of mobile advertising, as banner campaigns were possible and soon everyone from mobile content owners to big brands were getting impressive results and returning with more campaigns and more dollars." - Russell Buckley, the European managing director of AdMob.

The future looks bright for mobile advertising...


This international "dream team" is making EuroRevenue's success a blatant reality

imageEuroRevenue's multilingual sales tools, multi-currency billing options and multi-lingual hosted banners with language recognition are not the only aspects that make this a true global program...Their CEO is American!

As the global market continues to expand, EuroRevenue feels as though they are well ahead of the curve...


SlickCash's Saga with Facebook has Come to an Expensive End

imageSlickCash, the adult affiliate program, settled with Facebook in late April 2008 for $500,000

It's no OJ Simpson or Michael Jackson case, but SlickCash's ongoing legal drama with Facebook has been a subject of discussion among the adult community a for close to a year now.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and see what happened...


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