Men’s 240mm Stainless Steel Penis Insert Plug

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Give your partner the kind of sex that he'll surely remember and look forward to with this Men's 240mm Stainless Steel Penis Insert Plug. Most of the time, it's the males that do most of the action and control the tempo of every intimate moment but it's going to change when this toy is added to the overall routine! The stainless steel material that is used in every piece of this awesome toy is guaranteed safe to use and easy-to-clean so you can use it every time you get into same bedtime action with your partner.

  • Item Type: Penis Plug/Urethral Sound
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Negative
  • Recommended Use: Masturbation, Gay Sex, Male Punishment Sex, Gay Fetish
  • Suitable For: Adult Men, Gays, Couples, Etc.
  • Package Content: 1 x Men's 240mm Stainless Steel Penis Insert Plug
  • Packaging Type: Discreetly labeled and securely packed to protect customer's privacy and conceal the contents

Achieve more satisfying sex and help your intimate relationship grow deeper with this toy partnered with the other regular intimate plugs in our shop. HURRY! ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE ON SALE RIGHT NOW SO GRAB ONE TODAY BEFORE THEY GET BACK TO THEIR REGULAR PRICE!

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