Pink Heart Long Pyrex Glass Anal Massage Plug

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A beautiful pink heart embellishment makes this Long Pyrex Glass Anal Massage Plug look beautifully unique from the rest of the Pyrex glass toys in our collection. It features three layers of bulging sections on its body which can help promote contact with the sensitive spots of the anal/vaginal area. The durable material used ensures safe sex that’s free from any pain and discomfort so if you’re looking for the perfect toy to give your partner a great intimate massage every time!

  • Item Type: Anal Sex Toys/Dildos
  • Length: 21 cm or 8 i8.26 inches
  • Diameter: 3 cm or 1.1 inches
  • Material: Pyrex Glass
  • Color: Pink, Clear Glass
  • Suitable User: Women, Men, LGBT, Etc.
  • Packaging: Discreetly packed for every customer’s privacy and protection

Go on and use it in every intimate moment and see it slide smoothly even with just natural lubrication. With this, sex is going to be something to look forward to for both you and your partner. GET IT NOW BEFORE STOCKS ARE GONE AND OUR LIMITED-TIME SALE IS OVER!

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