Pink Tip Fox Tail Purple Silicone Anal Plug [3 Sizes]

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Bored of the usual sex routine that you do with your partner? Take it to the next level by getting one of this Pink Tip Fox Tail Purple Silicone Anal Plug and using it the next time you get intimate with your loved one. It’s available in 3 different sizes of plugs for you to choose from and no matter which one you get, it’ll surely bring satisfying penetrations without causing unnecessary pain or discomfort on your partner.

  • Item Type: Anal Sex Toys
  • Small Plug: 7.2 cm x 2.8 cm (2.83 inches x 1.10 inches)
  • Medium Plug: 8 cm x 3.5 cm (3.14 inches x 1.37 inches)
  • Large Plug: 9.4 cm x 4.4 cm (3.70 inches x 1.73 inches)
  • Tail Length: 40- 42 cm (Approx.) (16.14 inches)
  • Material: Silicone, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPU), Artificial Fur
  • Suitable For: Men, Women, LGBT, Etc. who are 18 y/o and above
  • Color: Purple (Plug) | Black with Pink (Fur Tail)
  • Packaging: Discreetly packed to protect customer’s privacy during delivery

The soft and fluffy fur tail embellishment of each plug helps give stimulating piquant sensations as it touches the skin. This toy truly is one that will help bring a touch of naughtiness and promote more action in every intimate moment. GRAB IT TODAY AND YOU’LL GET A BIG DEAL ON OUR LIMITED-TIME STORE-WIDE SALE!

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