Urethral Sounds

Get the most out of every intimate moment that you spend with your partner by getting a good set of intimate toys that both of you can enjoy. When everything else feels boring and dry, these urethral sounds can give a breath of fresh air to your dying sex life. The normal and usual sex routine is physically exhausting to men and if you feel like your partner needs some pampering, you can get him to feel loved by using one of these!

Why Use Urethral Sounds?

The male sex organ is designed for penetration. It primarily feels pleasure when doing what it’s supposed to do but did you know that you can also do a different kind of play with it? Yes! You can do penetration into your man’s pleasure part using one of these! And you don’t need to worry about it causing pain or discomfort because it is formed and shaped to produce pleasure every single time!

The urethra is also loaded with plenty of nerve endings that are sensitive to physical contact and touch. With our urethral sounds, you can easily give your man a satisfying experience instead of him having to make you feel loved through the usual penetration all the time.

Maintaining Your Urethral Sound Toy

Every sex oy needs some serious maintaining. Safe sex is clean sex as they say that is why it’s important to know how to maintain them. Be sure to wash the urethral toy with clean water and soap after every use. You can also disinfect it using alcohol. Before using it, washing the toy is also recommended. If possible, soak it in hot water if it’s made with stainless steel. Never use any of these toys without washing them!