Urethral Sounding Beads

Let your man feel the same way you do when he penetrates you using one of our urethral sounding beads. It’s beaded design body makes it perfect for stimulating the sensitive spots inside the urethra. And whether its a new kind of pleasure or something that’s more satisfying than ordinary sex that you’re looking for, our sounding beads are going to help you achieve that easily! Choose from our metal or silicone material toys and sex will surely become a lot more fun and exciting with it! Our urethral sounding beads are perfect for couples who find the usual sex boring and monotonous after years of doing the same intimate routine. It will not only take pleasure to the next level, but it’ll also make your intimate relationship grow and flourish. The end result is a more fulfilling life together ready to face any challenge that can come along the way. Get one of these today and see how good it works in making sex a pleasurable experience every time!