Electro sounding/ Urethral Stim Plugs

The urethra needs to be in good shape all the time and if you want to ensure that it’s healthy, our electro sounding/ urethral stim plugs are here to help! The toy produces a small amount of electric shock which is capable of driving away the toxins that are present around your partner’s intimate area. It also brings stimulation and pleasure to a whole new level with its pleasure-inducing sensation and vibrating motions that can be controlled by you or your partner. Our electro sounding/ urethral stim plugs are perfectly safe to use for every intimate session and it’s sure to bring satisfaction after every round! Don’t just engage in sex for pleasure, make it something that’s beneficial for both you and your partner. Use one of our urethral stim plugs today and see the big difference that it can bring to your otherwise boring and monotonous sex life!